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Yehuda is a Technology Consultant, Investor and Strategist. In 2014 (at age 14) he founded Cortex Group, an innovation and cyber consulting firm that grew to become a well-recognized consulting firm in the fields of Digitization, Product Strategy, and Online Cyber Protection. As CEO, Yehuda lead Cortex Group's strategy as well as day-to-day operations. In 2018-19 (at age 18), Yehuda led Cortex Group's merger with another leading firm.

In 2017 (at age 17), Yehuda, alongside a number of young entrepreneurs, founded Invicta Ventures (formerly “Lavi Fund”), a small Venture Capital Group investing in private and crowd funding deals.

Yehuda served as an analyst, team leader and innovation consultant for the IDF's renowned unit 8200 where he received an excellence award for his service and projects he led.

Yehuda is an active social entrepreneur, having co-founded Society Labs in 2017 (at age 17), an award-winning initiative connecting non-profits with developers and tech solutions to help them achieve growth and impact. Additionally, during the first few weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic, Yehuda created "CoronaBiz", a platform that became the #1 resource for businesses in Israel during the pandemic. The site later partnered with local governments and governmental ministries in Israel to help as many struggling business as possible via a governmental web app. Yehuda's social initiatives have won both the WeWork Creator Awards and have been selected for the Facebook community leadership program.

Since finishing his military service, Yehuda has served as a consultant and as a senior manager at a number of organizations in parallel to his investing activities. In 2021, he served as Interim Head of Strategy and Operations at Flexity, an HR-tech startup back by notable Israeli investors Amnon Shashua and David Zerah. Currently he serves as VP Strategy at ARX, a leading data-driven Investment Bank and Coporate Advisory.

Yehuda occasionally writes about technology or politics (but not both) for leading publications such as: The Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel, International Policy Digest, Hackernoon (where his articles have often been chosen as "top stories"),

In 2018, Yehuda was chosen by the President of Israel and the IDF chief of staff as one of Israel's 70 most promising young entrepreneurs.